7 Tips for Staying Healthy During the Silly Season

It's so easy to 'go off the rails' when it comes to the festive season and your health and fitness. It doesn't have to be all-or-nothing, however, and often times we are thinking of everyone and everything but ourselves.

Use these quick and easy tips to make sure you make it through the silly season without setting yourself and your fitness goals back!

1. Eat Before Heading Out First, it is best that you eat something before heading out to visits, trips or family dinners. By doing so, you will no longer be tempted to eat a lot or overindulge yourself since you have already eaten. Skipping meals is not a good idea either, because you will only be forced to eat more later. 2. Drink With Moderation... This is a tough one with end of year functions and work parties. It is best, however, to regulate your drinking since alcohol, coke or other juices will only add more calories to the ones you have already eaten! Watch out for that sneaky sugar! 3. Stay Active! You should still perform your fitness routine whenever possible and if you can’t do that, simply walk more, park your car some distance away from the shops or just use the stairs! Fit Up will have a new 15min workout on the whiteboards each week so if time is the issue ask the staff about completing the quick blast! 4. Get Out Of The House Make the holidays a family affair and plan outdoor activities where everyone is involved. Even a game of backyard cricket or footy can burn up some calories and will keep the children entertained. 5. Don’t Skip Your Strength Workouts Always remember to perform your strength training in order to maintain that muscle mass you worked hard to get. You might be tempted to use lightweights and just do some cardio, but you can burn just as many calories by lifting weights. With all of those extras you had on the holiday meals, you might even gain some extra muscle and this is much better than gaining extra fat. Stay toned 6. Enjoy Yourself :) Also make sure to set realistic diet plans! Trying to restrain yourself totally from some foods will only make you eat more. Feel free to enjoy the treats that you really love, but in small portions. 7. Drink A Lot Of Water! This can satiate your appetite as well as keep you hydrated at all times. And it will also prevent a possible hangover if you overdo it with alcohol.

If you have any queries around how to stay on top of your health and fitness goals throughout the holidays, please contact FIt Up Fitness on (07) 5463 2737, admin@fitupfitness.com.au or chat with the team at any time!

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