keeping Active

'Keeping Active' is our award winning scheduled group fitness classes specifically designed for 50s 60s 70s 80s and beyond. These classes combine cardio and resistance based training programs in a functional way to support healthy active lifestyles.  Anything from yoga, pilates and tai chi to strength and circuit  style training.


Positive benefits of participating in this program have been- reduced risk of falls, keeping members independent longer, lowered the rick of various conditions such as diabetes and blood pressure and overall many friendships and laughs are had.


All workouts are done at your pace and before attending a doctors clearance is required. Participants whom have a pre-existing condition do require a session with our Exercise Physiologist for an assessment to ensure the keeping active group is suitable. 

This exercise program will get you connected and moving from just $20pw. 

* The Keeping active classes happen at the fit up gym, outdoors and in local halls